brings along stress, burdens, fights, headaches, vows of never going back, impatience, shame, anger, guilt, frustration, exhaustion, regret, clutter, complaints, pressure, pride, pain,

& leaves behind a fridge filled with groceries, a drawer crammed with vitamins, and an empty room filled with love’s lingering warmth.

New York City

In order to spare you all of a ten-page essay as well as the fact that I owe it to my friends and family who have been asking me about life in the Big Apple so far, I will resort to listing:

1. NYC is not exactly “mean,” it’s just blunt and refuses to suck up to anyone. When they’re nice to you, they mean it. When they want you to get out of the way, they tell it. Personally, I’ve encountered more people who have completely appalled me with their rudeness and disrespect in Orange County, because at least in New York, I’ve definitely met [less] people who react out of a sense of self-entitlement.

2. In relation to my first point, Raffy said it perfectly when he described New Yorkers as being just as nice as they are mean. I’ve had more genuine, sincere, honest conversations with strangers in grocery stores, subways, parks, and sidewalks in the last two weeks than all my 14 years in Irvine (the city, not the college). It reminds me of Vegas in that aspect!

3. I’m almost done with a book that I’m reading voluntarily for the first time since the last Harry Potter book came out (I am dead serious). Why? Because as fast-paced as this city can get, I also find myself relaxed and alone (in a good way) very often, like sitting in a train, lying in the grass in Central Park, or waiting at a bus stop. I’ve had more moments of peace and quiet here than I did in California, so much more that I’m actually reading. Who’da thunk?

4. I am in awe and will most likely remain in awe for the duration of my stay in New York (however long that may be) at the fact that, no matter where you are in Manhattan, you could be walking by a dumpy street corner that smells like urine, then you’re suddenly walking by a string of multimillion dollar apartments, then you’re walking by the cutest row of mom-and-pop restaurants&bars, and then you’re abruptly strolling past a giant 200-year-old cathedral, all within 5 minutes. “Boring” and “dull” do not exist here in these parts.

5. The food here is unbelievable. I don’t know what else to say. Everyday I’ve eaten something that has made me want to cry out of pure ecstasy.

6. I am so humbled and appreciative of the friends who have taken care of me from the moment I got here. People who unconditionally befriended Eric and me immediately over the unspoken bond that yes, we may not have been the closest of friends in California, but we’re all in New York now, and friends stick together and help each other out. Elaine, Tim, Connie, Ambreen, Sarah, Laura, Minh-Vy, James, even Jimmy, Melody, and Grace who I haven’t physically met up with yet, as well as friends who aren’t even in New York but are on the east coast like Sarah Bana, Christina, Jeff, Diana, Albert, Eric Ly.. and so many more people that I may have forgotten (I apologize!). I am beyond grateful and blessed.

7. To end on a lucky number, this last point will be… *drumroll please* PHOTOS! I finally got my memory card adaptor 🙂 Enjoy! I’ll be uploading the rest onto Facebook tomorrow.

Until next time…