Writing is so difficult for me. I find myself in so many moments throughout the day when my pulse is beating straight into my fingers to write. But those moments usually occur during the actual occurrence of inspiration, such as a class, a conversation, or a beautiful solitary walk. In order to transform all of the feelings, beliefs, and meanings into words, I must stop–pause–and write in that very moment. But is that the same as the criticism toward today’s obsession with photographs, in which we, as a society, are becoming less fully present because we are too busy worrying about capturing the moment on our digital cameras/smartphones in order to post on Facebook? By the time I get home and sit in front of my laptop or sit with a pen and journal, the majority of my inspirations and energy are depleted.

Being a writer is such a paradox. Admitting that I am biased, I do believe that writing is a way to truly understand the nuances of being a human being more than non-writers. That is why writing falls into the category of Arts & Humanities. And at the same time, writing requires so much sacrifice of one’s life and the possibility of experiencing so many other possible moments.


3 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. I FEEL THE SAME WAY EVERY SINGLE DAY. I make myself quick notes on post-its or on my phone. And at night I come home and go “what did I want to write about again?” and try to remember from those quick jots, exactly what I was feeling and why I wanted to write.

  2. What I do is i mentally tell myself when I am inspired by something, that “this is what I will write about today”. When I sit down and ready myself to write, I remember what specific emotion or emotions I was feeling at the time of the inspiration, and during the inspiration. I find a track, artist, or genre on my playlist that brings out that specific emotion in me because, music has always been the best way to heal or inspire myself. It brings out my emotions very quickly, and can keep them there for long periods of time. I play this track, artist, or genre on repeat until the end of my writing, so that my specified emotion flows through my work itself. Give it a try if you want, it usually helps me out during times which I struggle to write. Let me know how it goes!

    ps. Glad to see you writing again. You were MIA for a few days.

    Viva la journey,


  3. Just wanted to let you know, that since I moved to a self hosted site, I lost all of my followers. Im sending a notice out to let you know you may not receive emails or notifications about posts I write unless you follow me again! Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you at my site!

    Viva la journey,


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