I didn’t want to want to do this.
(no, that is not a typo)

My pride told me, “Everyone creates a new blog dedicated around a new location to which they’re transporting themselves. I don’t have to make my move to New York such a big deal. I’m just begging for attention if I create a new blog and advertise it for everyone to read, as if they were dying to know the intricacies of my life.” Then I went ahead and paid for my own blog domain.

Writing in a public blog is quite frightening. It’s so easy to become caught up in writing for others. To take on whatever voice I feel like is most appealing to the general audience. To decide against writing about a certain topic or experience that I actually do care about, but feel like it might scare off/bore off some readers. I have a graveyard full of blogs that died premature deaths due to a cancerous disease called IWAS, short for I Want Attention Syndrome, may their original intentions and identities rest in peace. Quite honestly, I’m not sure why I’m doing this. I guess the only legitimate explanation I can come up with is that I miss writing. Tumblr was not exactly the best environment to find inspiration in writing, although it did rekindle my love for cats. So here I am. I guess this reason will suffice, and probably should be the only reason for my being here:

to write.

“How can one weigh and shape dialogue till each sentence tears the shingles in the bottom of the reader’s soul?” – Virginia Woolf


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